June 2017

Day 29! I am so late today and it’s because of some new responsibilities I have now. Publishing around 8pm PST might become the new norm. We will see once […]

Day 28! We are at the end of our four-week mark and I think it’s important I continue these weekly update. In the later future, I plan on looking back […]

Day 27: Confrontation

Day 27! I have been so busy today! I probably made one of the most life-changing purchases today. I cannot tell you much about it yet but I promise you […]

Day 26: Parker In The Shell

Day 26! Sorry, I am a little late today. I became super distracted with YouTube videos. If there is one thing I am good at, it’s procrastinating. I was also […]

Day 25: Weird Fascinations

Here we are 25 days in! I have stated this many times before but I am absolutely loving this. All your likes, shares, and amazing comments make this experience so […]

Day 22: Inches From Death

Day 22! This heatwave that is hitting Phoenix is making it increasingly harder to think. I can’t believe I used to enjoy this weather and even play in it. If […]

Day 21: Update #3

We are officially at the three-week mark! I would like to do an update every week like I have been doing, just to give you an idea of where my […]