Day 97: Response to My Letter

Day 97!  I am running on little sleep and I have been fighting a migraine all day. This post will probably be fairly short but I do want to reflect on yesterday’s letter. After I published it, I started to really think about it and if I would even give that letter to a younger version of myself. Here is what I came away with from my reflections:


I  would not warn myself about any of our misfortunes or regrets in life. Why…  you might be wondering. Life is a game and you only have one solid chance at fulfilling it. I use the term “fulfilling” because there is no winning the game of life. We all die at some point. I feel like the only true path to fulfillment is through many hardships and mistakes. Going through tough times is when you learn the most about yourself.

For instance, telling myself to do physical therapy would directly benefit me but it would take away from someone else.

“Parker, what do you mean by taking away from somebody else?”

Good question, I use what I learned from this life mistake to guide the younger generation with SMA to do the correct thing. In other words, my mistake can help someone else. I  guess this is what you call wisdom.

That letter would have taken away the true experience of life. It is an integral part of life to go through shitty and/or scary situations. I don’t have any regrets in life but if I gave that letter to younger Parker, I would have a regret. That letter would be my biggest regret because it would have changed the course of my life. My life right now is far from perfect but I am beyond happy with where my life is right now.

What my letter should have said:

Dear Turbo,

You turn out alright in the future little dude. Keep being yourself and kick some ass!


Someone you already know.

Wrap up:

I am sorry this post is a bit short tonight but I felt it needed to be said. I hope you enjoyed and like always, I will be back tomorrow with another post. See ya’!

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