Day 98: Small Update

Day 98! This is going to be a quick update because I am exhausted from my little shopping fiasco earlier today. I feel bad when I can’t deliver the highest quality content possible but my brain feels fried. I will leave a video at the end of this blog to hopefully give you some entertainment.


As you can see, we are only two days away from hitting the 100-day mark and I am a mix of proud and happy. After I hit the 100-day mark, I will be taking a week off from blogging because I need to focus on writing an important letter. My original plan was to blog and also write this letter but I realized that would not be smart of me. Sadly, I  probably will not be sharing the contents of this letter with the public.

For the next two days, I will be releasing high quality and thoughtful content, to go out with a bang. On Saturday, I will be releasing an in-depth reflection of these past 100-days and how I have evolved into a different person. It should be one of my more interesting pieces, hopefully.

September Book:

If you have not picked up Ready Player One yet, you really should! This book is crazy addicting to read and I have fallen in love with all the 80s pop-culture references. My special someone and I are reading it together and it is a real struggle for both of us to not read ahead of each other.

Tomorrow’s post will have something to do with this book. It has inspired me to share with all of you how gaming changed the course of my life.  I can’t wait because I have been thinking about this topic all week!

Wrap up:

Again, I apologize for such a short post.  I  promise tomorrow will be quite a bit better. I hope all of you had a fantastic day and like always, I will be back tomorrow with another post. See ya’!

This month’s book:

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