Day 9: Teachers

We are nearing the end of the single digits! I am very thankful for all who shared my post yesterday. I gained about twenty new readers, which is quite remarkable […]

Day 8: Update​

This is going to be a very short post today because I basically didn’t sleep last night. I have good news for all my readers! I am going to continue […]

Day 7: Steps

Day 7 has finally arrived! I have accomplished my first goal of doing seven consecutive days. You all now know a bit more about the person I am. This has […]

Day 6: Politics

One more day after this and we hit our first goal of seven days straight! I will try to think of something special for tomorrow’s post. Today’s post is going […]

Day 5: WoW

Day 5 and I am loving this still! My brain is pulling a blank on interesting topics to write about. I have decided to share with you a time in […]

Day 4: 12 hours

We are over half way through our original goal! I slept for 12 hours today and I don’t think my brain is going to wake up anytime soon. I always […]

Day 3: Alone​

Day 3? We’re buzzing through this little project of mine. Surprised people are reading this, it’s scary because I am someone who likes to keep to myself. From the title, […]

Day 2: Words

Okay, no more procrastinating, which is something I am excellent at. This little project received much more attention than I originally expected. Even some old friends from my school days […]

Day 1: What is this?

Hey there, my name is Parker! I have been writing quite seriously this year but most of it pertains to music. I decided to start this public journal, where I […]